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Need to do some home renovations? Want to buy a second property? Tired of high-interest loan payments? Need some emergency cash? A home equity loan is a great way to move the money built up in your home... into other areas of your life, sometimes without the necessity of refinancing your mortgage. Read more...

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Toronto Ontario Real Estate Market is Strong!

The real estate market in Toronto Ontario is strong. It is moving towards a balanced market, a balance that brings greater stability to buyers and sellers throughout Greater Toronto. (Source: TRREB)

Toronto housing activity is strong in 2021, with 13,663 residential transactions reported in April 2021, up from 2,957 in April 2020 - a 362% increase.

The average price of a home in the GTA in April 2021 was $1,090,992 33% higher than April 2020. The real estate market in Toronto is strong. This is a great time to purchase a home, or make home improvements to increase the value of your home.

Why Capital Direct for Mortgage and Home Equity Financing?

At Capital Direct Lending, we can help you move the money built up in your home... into other areas of your life, sometimes without the necessity of refinancing your mortgage.

Over the years, your home has appreciated in value and you have diligently paid down your mortgage. A home equity loan enables you to turn that appreciation into cash. Use the money to consolidate high-interest debt, buy a business or property, renovate your home to increase its value, pay for education or medical expenses, or simply put money away for a rainy day!

A home equity loan can help you simplify, enhance and change your life! Each month, we lend over $5,000,000 of our own funds to homeowners. With offices throughout Canada, we provide fast, efficient and reliable service so you get financing on your terms! Plus we manage the whole process on your behalf.

    Our Toronto office offers:
  • Free, no-obligation consultations
  • No-hassle home equity loan and mortgage applications online
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Flexible terms
  • Approval decisions within 2 business days
  • Money in your hands within 5 business days of successful document completion

And if you are looking to buy a home, we can help you too! Our mortgage brokers in Toronto work with Canada’s leading lenders to match you with the best mortgage purchase options.

What People Are Saying

"No concerns at all, good service. Stephanie was very helpful and explained everything that I needed to know. Capital Direct has been around for a long time and I can see why. Keep up the good work! "

Wei H. C., Burnaby, BC | November 2, 2021

"I was concerned about rates, however felt overall things were clearly explained up front. Appreciated the efficiency and professionalism of both the mortgage broker and the lawyer."

Timothy H., Hamilton, ON | November 1, 2021

"As we never borrowed using home equity we didn't know what to expect. But the consultant got back to me quickly, answered all questions very clear. Stephanie was wonderful, helpful and knowledgeable. The process was clear, quick and seamless. I highly recommend this amazing service!"

Michael T., Chilliwack, BC | October 13, 2021

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Doug Ford calls new COVID-19 variant concerning as Canada implements travel ban

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67-year-old Toronto restaurant owner cooks up to 600 meals a week for the city’s homeless community

Just before 1 a.m., Danny Adiev arrives at his restaurant in Toronto’s east-end to start chopping. But he’s not preparing for the loyal brunch crowd at Chew Chew’s Diner, he’s cooking for Toronto’s homeless community, nourishing up to 600 stomachs every week.
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Commonly Asked Questions

Why should I use a mortgage broker?
Generally speaking, mortgage brokers have access to more financing options than the banks do. But Capital Direct mortgage brokers in Toronto are just a little different. Our brokers in Toronto lend out our own funds to homeowners. This enables us to save you time and money by providing approval decisions within 2 business days, and putting money in your pocket as early as 5 business days of successful document completion. We are also able to offer competitive interest rates with flexible terms tailored to your specific needs.

Are you independent of the 'Big Banks' and other lenders?
Yes, at Capital Direct Lending we lend our own funds, however we have established strong relationships with some of Canada's largest lenders so that we can provide clients with mortgage purchase options.

Can Capital Direct's mortgage expertise save me money?
Yes we can save you both time and money. Since we lend our own funds, our mortgage brokers in Toronto offer competitive interest rates with flexible terms tailored to your specific needs. And if you are looking to buy a home, our mortgage brokers in Ottawa have access to a Canada's leading lenders to match you with the best mortgage purchase options.

How can I qualify for a home equity loan?
To qualify, you must be a homeowner and have a sufficient amount of equity in your home. A Capital Direct mortgage broker will determine how much you can borrow by reviewing your mortgage details, assessed property value, and the amount you need to borrow. We base approvals on the equity value of your home rather than your credit score!

What is the interest rate?
There are two types of mortgage interest rates: variable and fixed. The interest rate on a mortgage or home equity loan is dependent on a number of factors. Click here to view current interest rates.

What closing costs are charged on mortgage or home equity loan?
The amount and type of services you need to pay for when applying for a mortgage or home equity loan, depends on the type of financing. You should expect to pay fees for legal services, appraisals, and home inspections. At Capital Direct, our mortgage brokers will outline all costs involved to you.

Can I lock in the interest rate, and what will it cost me?
Yes you can lock in an interest rate at any time. The primes lending rates and therefore mortgage rates have fluctuated greatly over the last year. You should ask your mortgage broker whether a variable or fixed rate is better for you, and when to lock-in your interest rates.

Is there a prepayment penalty on the home equity or mortgage loan?
Prepayments penalties vary depending on the lending institution and terms of the loan. Your Capital Direct mortgage broker will outline all the prepayment details for you.

Toronto Ontario Fun Facts!

Toronto's official slogan is 'a world within a city'.

Toronto is North America's fifth largest city! And it has been one of the fastest-changing cities in North America since the 1970's.

More than half of all manufactured goods in Canada are produced in Toronto!

The Economic Intelligence Unit rates Toronto as one of the world's most livable cities. This is because of its low crime, clean environment and generally high standard of living.

Financial Tip: Convert your Mortgage Debt to Tax-Free Debt Over Time

Did you know that you could re-borrow a portion of each mortgage payment and invest the money in stocks or equity mutual funds?

The money you re-borrowed is now good debt: debt where interest payments are tax deductible. As you start to pay interest on the equities, you will generate tax returns, which can be used to pay off the mortgage more quickly. The added equity in your home allows you to borrow more, and grow your investment portfolio faster. The process creates an accelerating snowball effect. The result can be years taken off your mortgage with no increase in payments.

It's important to note here that you are incurring debt for the equities at the same rate as you are retiring debt for your home, so your debt level remains constant. Once your mortgage is paid off, you are still in debt, but the investment portfolio you've acquired balances your liability. It is essential that you consult an accountant or certified financial advisor if you want to follow this strategy.

"The result can be years taken off your mortgage with no increase in payments."

For more tips, tricks and traps from Capital Direct, click here to visit the Tips & Strategies section.